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Balsamic Vinegar 


Experts recommend balsamic vinegar for various salads, meats, fruits or even vanilla ice-cream to enhance flavours, while its enthusiasts in Italy take a shot of the noble vinegar either as a kind of aperitif, or as a digestive after an abundant meal.


Balsamic vinegar is in vogue in top-tier gastronomy and everyday meals can also be turned into feasts by its application. Have a few drops on a nice plate of beans, lenses or potatoes and one is immediately introduced to a gastronomical adventure through a simple lunch. Consumed with meats, especially with games, it provides a wonderful harmony of flavours. Among fruits, strawberry, peach, apple and banana make the perfect match. Once tried, there is no tomato dish without it anymore.  Balm vinegar, grapeseed-oil, tomatoes and basil on a wonderful slice of bread forms the basis of Italian cuisine.


Cardiovascular diseases and cancer may be prevented by its consumption, as well as natural ageing can be slowed down. 


Balsamic vinegar not only makes certain dishes more delicious, but also acts as a great source of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, enzymes besides its various curative qualities.


A few drops applied can make wonders in salads, Mediterranean sauces, in marinating meats, as well as in making sweets and ice-cream.


  • Plain red balsamic vinegar
  • Red balsamic vinegar aged on fig bed
  • Red balsamic vinegar with 20% of acacia honey
  • White balsamic vinegar aged on apricot
  • White balsamic vinegar aged on orange peel



Grapeseed oil


Grapeseed oil has been known and used for ages by nations of viticulture in Europe. The Hungarian king, Miksa I, considered it so valuable that the production had been an imperial monopoly until 1596.


The beneficial qualities of grape seed could be listed for long. Let us take a look at a few convincing examples: it strengthens the blood vessels and the capillaries thus reducing the risk of thrombosis, supports proper eye-sight and may prevent the development of cataract. Due to its high antioxidant levels it protects the genetic code of cells against harmful impacts and reduce the risk of developing cancer. Women are recommended to use it during the menopausal period, as well as men may find it helpful in case of prostate gland issues or impotency. Even memory could be enhanced if someone suffers of cerebrovascular insufficiency. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory effects and increases the resistance capacity to stress, thus the magic word: anti-ageing.


Eat it, spread it

A tea- or coffee-spoonful of daily intake is recommended, but we can use it for salads or even cook, roast or bake with it, since it keeps its taste up to 200 Celsius degrees without disturbing the flavours of the dish. Its smoke point is at 250 Celsius is one of the highest, thus there are no harmful residues of combustion. Moreover, you can use way less of it than of other types of oil, thus it is cost efficient too. Grapeseed oil preserves and promotes health and beauty. Its special characteristic of being capable of regenerating the collagen in tissue prevents early ageing as well as provides a smoother and more elastic skin. Thus, it is a preferred substance applied in massage which is absorbed in a short period of time most suitable to pamper dry skin. Having taken a bath or shower, spread the oil on the body and let after a bath or shower and let the skin soak it for about 20 minutes, then rinse the surface with look warm water. The oil also strengthens hair-bulbs.


The world famous Hungarian medical doctor Albert Szentgyörgyi, who won the Nobel-prize, first recorded the beneficial qualities of the oil in 1936. He claimed that this substance contains the most number of natural antioxidants.


The flag ship of our range of grapeseed oils is the cold pressed 100% red grapeseed oil. The mixed oil /GIOLIO OIL/ containing 50% cold pressed grapeseed oil, 25% corn germ oil, 25% sunflower seed oil is recommended for salads, meats and fish. The same type of oil is also available in garlic, parsley and chilli-grill flavours. The French Salad Dressing is our peculiarity which has 70% GIOLIO OIL mix, 30% plain red balsamic vinegar, thus it recommended for a great variety of dishes mentioned at both product categories.


  • Plain grapeseed oil
  • GIOLIO OIL edible and cooking oil
  • GIOLIO OIL edible and cooking oil with parsley and garlic
  • GIOLIO OIL edible oil with grill flavour
  • French Salad Dressing




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