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Semi-Sparkling Wine


The fresh atmosphere of summer is summoned by the variety of semi-sparkling wines of the Cezar Winery to entice their guests with their characteristic fruity flavour. They sparkle in an elegant, gentle manner bringing refreshment for the lovers of semi-sparkling wines. They are wonderful aperitifs.


The semi-sparkling wines composed of different varieties contain added carbon-dioxide at 2,5 bar.


  • Cezar semi-sparkling wine - Pearl Rosé (0,75l)


100% Pinot Noir. Red fruits are present in its scent. A medium bodied, fine, crispy drink with fresh acidity and carbon-dioxide content. The complex flavour is of berries, mostly raspberry, strawberry and fresh cherry. An aperitif to elevate moods. Ideal for salads with cheese or tomato, for dry vegetable stew (but not hot), or for cat fish and chicken pepperoni.


  • Cezar semi-sparkling wine – Pearl White (0.75l)




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