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Bag in Box Wine


One of our deservedly popular products is the Bag in Box wine developed by Cezar winery.


The most important feature of the product is its storability after opening the package.  The vacuum packaging provided with a tap on the box do not let fresh air enter the interior, thus preventing any oxidation and acidification. Thus, the wine in box preserves its original character and its pure palatability.


Cezar Cabernet Sauvignon 3l, 10l - 13% - Bag in Box


Medium ruby colour, fresh fruity, easy to consume red wine. It is medium bodied with balanced acidity and round tannins, has medium intensity with a touch of red fruits like cherry and plum available to the palate during tasting. The fermentation in barrels provides some complexity. The fruity character is sustained in the after taste and has a medium fade. It is a truly balanced, easy to drink wine.

Recommended for goose liver, roasted meats, stews, patés and veal dishes.


Cezar Cabernet Franc 3l - 13,5% - Bag in Box


Medium grenade shade, characteristic black fruit taste and scents of blackcurrant, blackberry, black cherry, dark chocolate, vanilla and coffee with a touch of barrique flavour due to the fermentation in barrels. It is a full bodied, high-extract wine with round tannins and balanced acidity. In tasting, one can feel the black fruits (blackberry and blackcurrant) a bit of dark chocolate, coffee and tobacco. It is a balanced wine with a long fade.

Recommended for games and English meats.


Cezar Semi-sweet Merlot 10l – 13% - Bag in Box


Medium ruby colour, red fruit flavours and scents characterize this easy-to-drink, balanced wine. Medium intensity, red fruits like cherry, red currants and plum provide a medium bodied experience with round tannins and medium acidity. Its sugar content makes the wine very harmonious. During the tasting the taste of red fruits is sustained in a medium fade.

Recommended for goose and duck liver, such meat dishes that are garnished with compote or fresh fruit.


Cezar Syrah 3l - 13,5% - Bag in Box


Deep, crimson colours with fruity flavours characterize this red variety. Beside the flavours of dark fruits like blueberry and blackberry, violet and other exotic floral scents are also available. It is a medium bodied wine with round tannins in acidity and long fade.

It is a great drink for meat dishes such as beef or mutton, as well as for games and poultry.


Cezar White Cuvée 3l, 10l – 11,5% - Bag in Box


Harmonious, light, in yellow shades with citrus flavours and floral scents. Great with vegetable stews and dishes, roasted meat. Forms a great basis for spritzers.


Cezar Irsai Olivér 3l - 11% - Bag in Box


Medium bodied. The flavours recall its scents with tropical fruits and a mild Muscat aroma. It is a medium fade easy-to-drink wine with nice acidity.

Recommended for cold roasted goose- or duck liver, blue cheese and desserts.


Cezar Rosé 3l, 10l – 13% - Bag in Box


Pinkish orange shade with raspberry flavour. Harmonious and easy to drink with medium intensity. Regarding its scents, raspberry and herbs dominate. It is a medium bodied drink with medium acidity and a touch of sweetness, its flavours reflect the scents. A balanced, easy-to-drink wine.

Recommended for roasted white meats, noodle meals with sauce, meals with sour-cream dressing, or vegetable stews. If chilled, great for an aperitif. Forms a wonderful basis of spritzer in summer.




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