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Grape Seed Powder


It is considered an extraordinary grape seed powder with enhanced effect, produced according to a unique method in Hungary: the UNPRESSED grape seeds are ground, thus the powder keeps the highly valuable grapeseed oil content and has greater qualities in comparison with those products that follow the conventional processing, when the pressed seeds are ground.


Medicinal effects: High flavonoid content, such antioxidants that help protect cells against free radicals. It product contains proanthocyanidins, previously referred to as pycnogenols, of which researchers assume to have a principal role in preventing cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It contains constituents soluble both in fat and water. Diffusing through the cell membrane it can exert its antioxidant effect. It is one of those rare substances which is able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, thus providing a biochemical protection for brain cells against any harmful impact.


The grape seed powder is made by the grinding of the complete grape seed. It is important since it contains one of the esters of the gallic acid -most effective of those substances capable of receiving free radicals- which according to studies can only be found in the grape seed coat and integument. The powder contains particles of 50-600 micron, thus the high dietary-fibre content is beneficial for digestion and normalizing bowel functions.


Cezar Red Grape Seed Powder 200g


In the morning, mix a teaspoonful of grape seed powder in your fruit juice and consume the drink.

It enhances the condition of blood vessels, thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders and stroke. Strengthens the capillaries and increases blood flow, thus beneficial in case of foot aches due to atherosclerosis or in other vascular disorder.

It can reduce symptoms caused by complications of diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), or in other words, numbness and tingling sensations in limbs.

It can be well-applied to protect the eyes, to prevent eye diseases or as a complementary therapy.

The application of the powder is recommended in case of macular degeneration and against cataract –these two disorders are behind the decrease of vision or blindness due to ageing. The consumption of the produce is also useful for those who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, especially working with cathode-tube monitors.

-The powder can be curative in case of disorders of the connective tissue.

-It protects and strengthens the collagen of the skin.

-We can also treat and alleviate allergic symptoms, since it acts as a histamine inhibitor. (Greater histamine generation triggers allergic reactions).       




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