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Littke red wine


Each of the Littke red wines is made of selected grapes, fermented in barrage barrels from the Zala region with protected designation of origin.


A unique fermentation technology for red varieties is soon introduced in the Littke Winery, as a revival of ancient technologies and following the latest trends. Amphora imported from Tuscany is applied to be able to use limited chemicals during production. Less flavour is absorbed by the wine, so it is a great alternative for those who find a natural fermentation more important and try to avoid the woody taste due to tannins, as well as prefer to enjoy the fruity character of the juice instead of the contribution of the toasted barrels providing the complex flavour of vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate.


Littke Grand Cuvée 2012 (0,75l) 14%


This premium quality red wine is the most precious selection of the vintage, blending Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah and fermented in barrique barrels.


The wines are from the best location of the Zala region renowned amongst international producers. During the fermentation period in barrique barrels a velvety balance between acidity and tannin is gained with a tone of vanilla, black current, plum and chocolate to elevate the bodied red wine into elegant harmony.


Littke Buffalo Blood 2015 (0,75l) 13,5% (Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc)


The dark ruby cuvee has velvety acidity in a fine structure, fermented in oak barrels. The herbaceous character is enhanced by the flavours of black current, raspberry, plum, blueberry and chocolate. This bodied and fruity red wine is perfect for games and grilled dishes.


Littke Wilton Pinot Noir (0,75l) 13%


The herbaceous character of Pinot Noir is in wonderful balance with the wild raspberry, strawberry, cherry and chocolate flavours also fermented in oak barrels. The deep, ruby wine releases a fruity scent characteristic of jams made of red berries with a touch of smokiness. It has a medium bodied taste with smooth tannin, lively acidity and fruity intensity.


We recommend this drink for roasted peasant, duckling, lamb or veal.





Cezar red wine


The red wines of Cezar Winery are high quality products from the Zala region with protected designation of origin.


Cezar Merlot Extraordinarii (0,75l) 12%


The medium ruby shade accompanied by red fruit scent, flavour and a touch of BQ is a light but at the same time characteristic red wine. The medium intensity unfolds through the flavours of red fruits like cherry, sour-cherry, plum and the aromas of dark chocolate, vanilla due to the fermentation in barrels. Medium bodied, rounded tannin, and moderate acidity is experienced in tasting with the red fruits and chocolate in the foreground. The aftertaste brings a longer fade in which the fruity qualities are sustained. It has a wonderful balance.


Perfect for lamb and water fowls as well as for fish soup, hard cheese and dishes made of mushrooms.


Cezar Malbec (0,75l) 13%


Medium ruby colour wine, fresh, harmonious and exciting flavours at the same time with its red fruits and a slight touch of barrique taste. Medium intensity is available through the fresh red fruits like raspberry, cherry and floral scents like violet complemented by tobacco, dark chocolate and vanilla due to fermentation in small barrels.

Tasting: medium-bodied, medium tannins, fresh acidity, fresh red fruits (raspberry, cherry), mint with dark chocolate, vanilla. Balanced, long and slow fade, pleasant for the palate.

Recommended for steaks, game stews, grilled meats and marinated roasted duck and goose.


Cezar Cabernet Franc (0,75l) 13,5%


Medium grenade colour, dark fruits with characteristic barrique aroma. The dark fruit scents of blackcurrant, blackberry, cherry liquor, accompanied by bit a of dark chocolate, vanilla and coffee due to the fermentation in small barrels. Full bodied, with high-extract and rounded tannins and balance acidity. While tasting both the red fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry) as well as the tastes of fermentation in small barrels, dark chocolate, coffee and tobacco are available. It is a balanced wine with a long fade.


Cezar Syrah (0,75l) 13,5%


A fruity red wine of deep, crimson colour. Besides the black berries like blue berry and currant, with a touch of violet and exotic flowers available both in its flavours and scents. It has medium tannins, round acidity and long fade in its aftertaste.

Perfect for meat dishes: veal, mutton, games and fowl.


Cezar Merlot Grand Selection (0,75l) 14%


A characteristic red wine of deep ruby colour and a harmony of red fruits with barrique taste. A nice, full-bodied wine with fruit aroma in which red berries, plum and chocolate are available. It provides a pleasant aftertaste with its smooth tannins.

A perfect drink for quiet, cordial occasions. Great to accompany English meats, stews, marinated frilled meat and smoke-cured cheese.





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