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Wine Tasting


Wine Tasting is a tradition at Littke Palace Visitors Centre. Due to the capabilities of and conditions at the Visitors Centre, the programme is rather an initiation to the world of Littke Palace through the premium quality range of wines and sparkling wines not closely related to a specific room. The tasting can be arranged in the conference centre or in the wine tasting room, moreover, it is very popular to combine it with a cellar visitation. During the guided tour there is a possibility to roam around the two-kilometre long cellar network while enjoying the peace and quiet of the underground tunnels, and footprints of history.


Definitely, the wine tasting is available in several format, from the single-glass, through a three-, five-, or even seven-glass tasting, the latter combined with a cold platter dinner and regarded as “a full-day” programme.


According to demand the tasting is conducted by a sommelier who is ready to relate everything and even beyond about the nectars.


  • Premium quality quality-sparkling wines and wines of Littke
  • The wines and semi-sparkling wines of Cezar Winery
  • Wine tasting combined with cellar visitation
  • 1-3-glass wine tasting
  • 5-7-glass wine tasting with cold platter dinner
  • Sommelier-service



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