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Due to the peculiarities of the region these varieties have a dry character, thus we recommend them for those who favour dry flavours.


They are rather bodied and high-alcohol-content wines of which the Sauvignon Blanc is the most exquisite. The dominant flavour is of stinging nettle blended with lemon and gooseberry. This product is for gourmands.


  • Littke Chardonnay 2015 (0,75l) 13%


The popular white wine conveys the fresh, young spirit of fruity flavours characteristic of the Zala wine region.  The herbal scent and palatability is further enhanced by the blending flavours of green apples, pear and lemon. We recommend this precious wine for fish, shrimp, crayfish and poultry dishes.


  • Littke Sauvignon Blanc 2015 (0,75l) 12,5%


Characteristic fresh white wine rich in scents and flavours. In the tasting it surprises us with its complex and magical scents of gooseberry, stinging nettle and lemon. This is a delicious wine, perfect for aperitif, as well as a great drink to accompany fish and poultry.





  • Cezar Irsai Olivér 2017 (0,75l) 11%


It is a moderately bodied variety. The scents recall tropical fruits with a touch of the aromatic Muscat grape. The nice acidity tends to fade and provides a gentle impression in tasting. It is most suitable for blue cheese, cold roasted goose or duck liver as well as for desserts.


  • Cezar White Cuvée (1,5l) 11,5%


Discrete intensity of scents, with a sweet herbaceous, citrus touch. It is a medium bodied and acidic wine. The flavours provide a mildly sweet after taste. It has a wonderful balance and very light to drink, most suitable for roasted meat and grilled or stewed vegetables.


  • Cezar Le Patron White 2015 (0,75l) 12%


The blended wine of ours is a harmonious combination of Cserszegi Fűszeres, Chardonnay, Oliver Irsai, Nectar and varieties of Riesling Italian.



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