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The Wine Tasting Room


One of the most stylish and unique room of the Littke Visitors Centre, the Wine Tasting Room, was accomplished in the first half of 2017. The 40-seat capacity makes the area a most suitable venue for wine tasting, business dinners and board meetings where elegance meets convenience.


The 170 m2 room emphasizes the key idea of the Visitors Centre, its very location of the cellar, keeping up and paying respect to tradition is alloyed in design via the interaction of light and glass.


Stylish wooden tables, leather chairs and traditional barrels are surrounded by several-hundred-year-old walls of small bricks that give rendezvous to glass surfaces and light to meeting the highest of expectations.


  • Wine tasting programmes
  • Smaller scale events
  • Business dinners and board meetings
  • 40-seat capacity
  • 170 m2
  • Elegant in cellar atmosphere
  • Exquisite quality



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