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In the series of events titled “The Night of Museums”, the eldest sparkling wine factory of Hungary invites you to an exciting cellar walking tour together with a tasting program.


In the program of Littke Palace not only you can get acquainted with the cellar labyrinth and its historical air, but also introduced to the different methods of sparkling wine production within the framework of a professional guided tour. Along one a specific section of the walking tour electric torches may be used to track the way or even squeezing yourself into huge fermentation tanks are available for those ready for adventures. Certainly, you are always welcome for a sparkling wine tasting according to your demand. Looking forward to meeting you in person.




  • Littke Palace Visitors' Centre and Cellar
  • Szent István square 12, Pécs (the lower square in front of the cathedral)




23. Juny 2018


  • 18.00 Cellar tour
  • 19.30 Cellar tour with tasting
  • 21.00 Cellar tour




  • Cellar tour: 1.400 HUF / person
  • Cellar tour and a single glass tasting: 2.300 HUF/person
  • The length of the tour: approx. 45-60 min
  • The temperature in the cellar is 14 °C, cardigans and jackets are recommended.


The number of visitors is limited for the tours and accessible through prior registration.



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