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Littke Palace is one of the locations along the Way of Light in the 2018 Zsolnay Light Art Festival, where László Bordos’s installation: Spidron Mapping 2.0 will be available in the conference hall.


The Spidron is a special geometric system invented by the designer Daniel Erdély. On the construct originally created for the form and design seminar's of Ernő Rubik’s has been the focus of an international research team led by Daniel Erdély.


The 7-minute long stereo 3D object mapping installation by Zsolt László Bordos uses the Spidron for its inspiration. It conveys the visual potentials of the formation via object projection. The virtual 3D animation projected back into the real 3D space with their combination provides an interplay for its audiences generating a surprising sometimes startling visual effect. 


According to László Bordos:


"The spectator cannot comprehend the visual experience according to their conventional mindset, their senses are startled. The projection puts off our sensory scheme and experience and thus enforces a novel process reflection. I am convinced that object and architectural projections go beyond the category of technical curiosities. It is such a new visual language which addresses the man of our times!"


More information: Zsolnay Fényfesztivál - A Fény Útja



  • Spidron system: Daniel Erdély
  • Music: Darko Kolar aka DEKODE
  • Technical Partner: Christie Digital
  • Cooperating Partner: Littke Palace Visitors' Centre, Guideinfo
  • Attention: Due to strong light and sound effects we do not recommend the event for guests sensitive to such effects nor for visitors suffering of epilepsy. For children under 6 years of age wearing stereo glasses is forbidden.
  • Available with armband!
  • Open: Thursday: 21.30-01.00, Friday and Saturday: 10.00-01.00, Sunday: 10.00 - 00.00



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